Dealing with Unexpected Hurdles after Weight Loss Surgery

I celebrated my 4-week anniversary from weight loss surgery by seeing that I’d lost 20 pounds since surgery, for a total of almost 40 in 6 weeks, beginning with the 2-week liquid diet. I was feeling really good about my progress and my decision, and was especially looking forward to getting more active. I’d started … Continue reading

Pureed Food After Weight Loss Surgery

Today was officially my last day on “stage 2” of my post-WLS diet. Every surgeon+nutritionist is a little different, but for mine, we do 1 week on full liquids (3 protein shakes a day, ugh!), 1 week on puree, 3 weeks on soft food, and then on to the rest of our lives. Whereas I … Continue reading

Surgery Over: Everything is awful but it’s all uphill from here.

So my surgery (RNY gastric bypass) was on Tuesday.  I’ve now been home from the hospital for four days.  Basically, everything sucks. I mean, it doesn’t suck as much as it did that first day, of course, except then I was on some pretty powerful pain meds.  Now, however, I’m home and today I’m officially … Continue reading

Pre-Op Liquid Diet: Down 10 lbs but this is rough!

I think that a liquid diet could be a weight loss miracle. Not because of the weight you lose on it, but because if you went off it and onto a regular diet, even really healthy food would be insanely delicious. My official surgery date is June 11, which means that last week I started … Continue reading

Lots of steps forward, but one step was OUCH.

There is much to report! I officially started my journey towards weight loss surgery (after two years and much research) on May 1 by attending the seminar for a local bariatric practice. I thought I’d say a little bit about each step so far. As a disclaimer, this is going faster for me than it … Continue reading

Weight Loss Surgery and Not Admitting Defeat

Two weeks ago, I sat in a room full of fat people, and I was the fattest one of them all. Sitting there before the weight loss surgery informational seminar, I admit, I did some judging. She’s not fat enough to be here. Why is he here? My presence, on the other hand, seemed so … Continue reading

Back on TRACK: Why I Write Down What I Eat

I am trying very hard to commit to memory what I am feeling right now. Because I think I had this feeling as well the last time that I was making a very conscious effort to eat better and be healthier, and somehow it didn’t stick. If I start to slide back into my old … Continue reading

Coming Up for Air: Anatomy of a Weight Loss Backslide

It has been almost exactly a year since my last post. I debated on whether I should return here at all, or if I wanted to get back on track first and then come slinking back so that it was less embarrassing. But then I thought: This probably happens all the time. I may as … Continue reading

Luke, I am Your Fat Girl: Adventures in Sleep Apnea

So I used to nap a lot. Like, a lot. At the time I thought this was perfectly normal, because hey, I was a stressed out grad student, probably not getting enough sleep – despite the fact that I was in bed for 8 hours a night with some regularity. And then I was at … Continue reading

Weighting for Mr. Right: Mates Are Not Clothes

Okay, so I just wrote about the issue of not wanting to buy clothes while losing weight, and here’s an additional observation: You should not think about men/women/potential mates in the same way. The topic at Friend Makin’ Monday over at All The Weigh happens to be on what you look for in a mate, … Continue reading